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Montage Ko is a brand of

free expression, colorful living, and bold confidence. It’s for those who are daring and full of life; the trailblazers and trendsetters and most importantly, it’s for those who are unapologetically themselves.

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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Brandy, a spirited artisan who stepped away from the conventional to embrace the boundless realms of creativity and craftsmanship. My adventure began not just as a quest for personal fulfillment but as a profound commitment to set an example of limitless imagination for my son. Leather became my canvas, my medium for expression, through which I could share my story and inspire others.

Venturing beyond just crafting, I dedicated myself to enriching our community, fostering a space where passion meets purpose. My hands have learned the art of leatherwork not through formal education but through a journey of discovery, trials, and triumphs. This self-taught path has led me to conduct workshops aimed at igniting a creative spark in both children and adults, revealing the beauty of crafting something truly personal and unique.

With every piece of leather, I hand-select from tanneries, I am reminded of the journey—each hide a chapter, every stitch a narrative. My work is a testament to the belief that art is not just to be created but experienced, connecting us to the stories that bind us together. As I continue to explore and expand my horizons, I invite you to join me in celebrating the craftsmanship that shapes our lives and the community that inspires our art.


Founder, Montage KO

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